Thursday, June 18, 2009

iPhone Fuji Apple Juicy Leak

iPhone Fuji Apple Juicy Leak

Are Fujifilm and Apple teaming up to enhance the iPhone camera functionality? In Tokyo there is a rumor going around even juicier than a fuji grade Yubari melon. Some eyewitnesses have claimed they have seen Steve Jobs and Fujifilm CEO Shigetaka Komori tooling around the back byways on a pair of Segways, deep in discussions to seed the iPhone with increased photographic abilities. What could be in store with this new combination? Fuji Apple? Breaking Wynd and Unbelievably Great Music are sniffing around and have these juicy details.

One potential breakthrough is the use of a groundbreaking infrared flash. By using light waves that are not discernable to the human eye, the new flash bulbs do not cause wincing or discomfort in the subjects being photographed. As the light waves are reflected back, proprietary algorythms supplied by Flasher of Silicon Valley convert and shift the reflected light waves and the image appears naturally illuminated. This process also prevents the dreaded red eye from occuring.

A panaoramic sync capability is going to vault the iPhone into a new realm of social networking. Say you've got two friends at a concert but in different sections. By syncing their iPhones they can each shoot photos and then merge them to produce a panaoramic shot. Strangers attending the NBA Championships could film the game winning shot and, after meeting and linking through Twitter or Flikr search, could share and recombinate their original photos into a new "phriendotage."

The fruity blend of Fuji Apple is also said to be interested in expanding the functionality of the iPhone camera lens itself. The design team has created the world's first phone Magnifying glass and Microscope. One can now put any object that needs closer inspection right onto the lens, say a butterfly wing or drop of pond water, and the image will appear at a 200x magnification in pixels on the screen. Major League Baseball and the Tour de France are said to have expressed an interest in purchasing a quantity of these microscopic phones which will allow competition day testing of athletes' hair samples.

But it has not been all serious for the development team. Apparently during some break-room lunches, the computer guys' brainstorming bore fruit in the form of a fun "What fruit is this?" app. At the grocery store you can quiz your iPhone by placing a fruit in its viewer and the app will be able to identify it by genus. Furthermore, it can also tell you whether its ready to eat or maybe a bit too ripe.
Unbelievably Great Music

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Iran bans music

The Iranian Supreme Council has banned the playing of "Green World" after it became a rallying anthem for demonstrators at Freedom Square. The song is found among a collection of Unbelievably Great Music from composer and producer Ara. Apparently supporters of Mir-Hossein Mousavi, who signal their political ties by wearing the color green, have taken to singing the song during marches and peaceful protests.

Assistant Supreme Cleric Allah Duiz Dahnsz issued the edict from government controlled television stations. "We will continue to help guide our citizens into healthy cultural forms of expression, and steer them from blasphemous western influences that cause women to desire to party naked in the streets. It is not true that we keep our women covered because out here in the desert the heat makes a man more lustful and sex crazed than a horny toad stuck on a cactus spine. No, we do not covet our neighbors' wife, no matter that Iranian women are the most beautiful in the world, and when one but gazes in their eyes it is all one can do to make way quickly to the mosque, alas unless coming upon wandering sheep sooner and succumbing to unspeakable temptations. The Iranians are a strong, proud people. Allah help us if we start listening to reggae."

Reached for comment, Ara stated "My family has supported the Iranian peoples' dreams of a good life since I was a boy. As I say in the song, 'Let's make it a green world'."