Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Wireless Ear Buds for the iPhone Make Unbelievably Great Music; Droid Doesn't Have the Balls Yet

New Wireless Ear Buds for the iPhone Make Unbelievably Great Music; Droid Doesn't Have the Balls Yet

You've seen the ads, the pictures and the video. The ubiquitous iPod attached via curvy, sleek, white wires to the grooving listener. How 80s. How kinky. How fun is it to get tangled in that cord, or yank 'em out of your ears accidentally while bustin' a move? No more.

Aratunes announces the invention of the world's first wireless high fidelity in-ear speakers.

This invention is the first to radically take advantage of the FM radio capabilities recently enabled inside the Apple player. The speakers are standard sized ear buds in a geodesic "Bucky Ball" shape which serves to optimize bass response inside their sound chamber. Named iBalls by their creator, the wonderful part is that they contain miniature FM receivers developed in North Korea. So the iBalls are totally remote from the player, thereby eliminating that pesky wire and freeing the listener from being tethered to the Pod. The user just sets the iPod to transmit at the frequency 87.6FM and the 5309 Series Kubooma receivers in the ear pieces will pick up the signal and play whatever is cued up, like "Someone" from V.

Now with ear buds this small, some might worry about losing them. Or, even worse, maybe getting your iBalls stuck deep inside your ears and not being able to grasp them to pull them out. (Kinda like that Lima bean incident in first grade). Well, the iBalls speakers are made of a rare neodymium/ copper alloy set into the coiled magnetic diaphragm of the speaker. This metallic coil has a magnetic factor of four- comparable to that found in Venus' heavy metal fifth moon- Egregious. So taking advantage of electro-magnetic conduction, one can turn the FM frequency modulator to the far right of the dial and, getting more than a rush of hot air, actually generate a magnetic field that can retrieve the iBalls out from the ears. Just put the iPod up against the ear and, foop! out the iBall gets pulled. Leave the magnetic field on when not in use and the iBalls are kept tucked snugly underneath the iPod.

Aratunes has also developed an array of specialized sets of ear speakers for the audiophile. The iFreq fit over the entire ear in the same aural enhancing geodesic shape and are made out of a comfortable, lightweight foam. The iFreq have superior bass response due to its spacious 4 cubic inch cavernous enclosure and is aimed at the urban/ hip hop music lover. Listen here: "Hold On". For the heavy metal/ hard rock listener, Aratunes developed the iScream, a conical shaped ear speaker that drives the sound waves deep into the sub-cortex. This is the world's first wireless in-ear speaker with the dubious distinction of having actually broken a bone in a test subject's ear. Listen here: "Electrified"