Tuesday, April 28, 2009

NAACP Says Article Implies President Mooned NYC

The NAACP is upset and has asked the author to wipe clean a recent article about the mooning of New York City from Air Force One. Claiming that it was offensive to categorize the prank as "shady" and in doing so lead some to believe that maybe even the President was involved, they have issued a call to redact the news item.

Lawyers for both sides have set up a meeting to discuss the matter, but one big hurdle will be getting to the bottom of who actually did the mooning. Air Force One is protected by the United States' highest secrecy classification protocols. Because of this they refuse to release who was actually on the plane. "We cannot confirm or deny which assets Air Force One was transporting during the flight in question", Flight Commander Bea Leeve spokeswoman for the President's plane said.

More info at www.aratunes.us

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