Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Detainee Interrogation Photos Leak

Detainee Interrogation Photos Leak

Long suppressed photographs from interrogations conducted in secret CIA facilities have leaked and give a chilling picture of the long term damage caused by the so called enhanced techniques. From a medical facility in Dumbledorf, Germany where doctors are treating United States personnel who served as interrogators, Breaking Wynd has legally obtained through the Gesundheit protocol, hither before classified photos of MRI brain scans and in-theater pictorial files which document the lengths and destructive effects of some anti- terror techniques. The files describe counseling sessions in which the men share their heart wrenching stories of having played music repeatedly to disorient and psychologically "break" terrorists. Songs like "Whip It", "Tied to the Whipping Post", and "Beat It" are said to have been particularly threatening and effective.

Doctors Unable to Remove Song From Patient's Head

In one of the most unfortunate casualties of the war on terror, tales are emerging of an United States serviceman who has become battle scarred by music from an mp3. Apparently the music from an mp3 was routinely employed by his unit as a PSYOPs tactic against insurgents. Before every patrol, he was assigned to download the music onto an mp3. This mp3 download would then be taken into the alleys of Iraq and the music would blast, frightening and dispersing unfriendlies. It's the Start found at was the music mp3 download most often played. Although music mp3 download copies of Metallica, ACDC, and Josh Grobin are commonly used to root out insurgents in other parts of the country, in this part of Iraq those just aren't effective, as the insurgents have heard these mp3 download music tracks so much that they are desensitized to this type of brutalization much like the typical American teenager.
Doctors are hopeful that they can help the patient recover. They are playing "Funky Feeling" around the clock in hopes that this mp3 download will heal him.

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