Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Obama Punks Republicans, Serves Tea

Obama invited top Republican and Democrat leaders to the White House today for what was expected to be a preliminary discussion about solving the problems facing the country. But unexpectedly, Obama took the opportunity to hit back at those Republicans who have been crowing so loudly since the midterm elections. Showing he's got game, Obama asked his culinary staff to prepare a special treat for the meeting: tea.

Tea, served cold with a side of bacon, and a Hershey's kiss on the saucer. Obama raised his tea cup to start the meeting and toasted his guests asking them to join him in drinking tea. New House Majority Leader Boenher said, "Hell No" and refused to drink. Mitch McConnell declined his beverage, saying he wasn't gonna do a dang thing for the country except worry about the next election. Eric Cantor didn't get the joke. He said, "What's wrong with drinking the tea, I like to have tea parties?" Later after getting his arm twisted by Boehner behind the coat closet, Cantor returned and announced "I have nothing to announce. I've got to talk more with my colleagues and will tell you what they tell me to say when they tell me what to say."

It is thought that Obama is throwing down the gauntlet by serving tea. He is goading the Republicans into embracing the Tea Party publicly. It remains to be seen whether the Republicans will actually drink the tea or just talk.

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