Thursday, July 16, 2009

Someone in Air Force One Mooning Wall Street?

According to eyewitness accounts of yesterday's low fly over of New York City by Air Force One, at least one occupant of the plane didn't have his hands on the controls. In a photograph shot by a New England Patriots linebacker coach, taken while he vacationed in the city, the rotund form of human buttocks are clearly visible appearing on the right side of the plane as it passes by Wall Street. While the photo was taken with a high quality zoom lens it remains impossible to distinguish the owner of that shady prank.

Air Force spokesman denied that their pilots or attendant staff would be responsible for such actions. "We have taken great strides in training our staff in the wake of past scandals involving lewd behavior. Unless they came from the Academy, they know to keep their clothes on."

It it unclear if the action was aimed at a particular institution as there are so many banks clustered in the downtown financial district. One thing is clear, New Yorkers had every right to be upset at the whole episode. Said hot dog vendor Chuck Elliot who witnessed the events, "I wish they just take their asses back to D.C. where people are used to this kind of behavior."

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