Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pentagon Leaks Classified Predator Drone Vulnerabilities

Classified details of vulnerabilities to the Predator drones were leaked from Pentagon scientists attending an optics conference at the Universidad de Blinde in Venice, Italy. The papers were left inadvertently at a table where attendees were discussing red shift variables and distance factoring as it relates to light waves.

The classified papers describe how the simple tool of using 3D glasses is allowing terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan to actually see the Predator and other US drones as they fly at altitudes of up to 30,000 feet. Because of the unique nature inherent in the shift of various wavelengths of light, at these distances the subtle coatings painted on the drones, when viewed through the filter of bi-colored lenses such as any common pair of 3D glasses, cause the drone to become distinguishable from the background hues of the atmosphere.

Cpl. Tonya Marks of the 1st Rcon, 2nd Battl. USMC operating out of Baalz, Afghanistan said, "Its the damnedest thing. We're out patrolling in the middle of nowhere and come up to a village and see a couple of insurgents wearing like, 3D glasses. I was thinking- where's the drive in, you know." The patrol discovered that the insurgents were able to time their transfers of supplies and men to windows of opportunity in the day when they observe that the drones are not operating overhead. This technique has spread to the theatre in Iraq as well. Recently military specialists interrogated an insurgent who was operating in the border area close to Iran where supply lines often trail through the empty desert lands. Fuq al aJousef defiantly crowed about his abilities to counter the intelligence gathering drones, "With these glasses I can soar higher than the eagles, these glasses are the wind beneath my wings to fight the infidel oppressors."

It is fairly simple to obtain the glasses. Recent editions of Time, and National Geographic for example have included complimentary pairs. Even blockbuster movies such as Chicken Little have seen free glasses handed out to viewers at theaters in Baghdad. Pentagon spokesmen refused to comment on the leak other than to say, " we remain committed to protecting our troops, protecting our nation, and thwarting the bad guys with the full multi-dimensional capabilities of the United States military."
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